Reports and Analysis

The MD's WiseCat helps you to analyze sales & monitor collections by reports and analysis.

Analyse your sales or gross margin by salesman, product line, territory or combinations of these for any selected sets of periods. Understand sales trends, collection/outstanding trends,

  • Our analysis option for example, enables the user to compare sales of Xmas season sales of 2009 with those of 2011 even for a specific product line or customer profile.
  • Over 100 standard reports in enquiry processing, order processing, invoicing, financial accounting, inventory control, sales analysis, accounts receivables, accounts payables and service management modules
  • Access to reports controlled by access rights set up in user administration module.
  • Export reports data to various formats such as spreadsheet and PDF
  • Most of the analysis output can be seen graphically. Different types of Bar charts, Pie charts and Line charts can be illuminating.