The MD's WiseCat has many invoicing modules, each one catering to a class of business. The invoicing module for a retailer ensures fast customer turnaround while the invoicing module for the distributor is comprehensive enough to collect all the necessary data. The invoicing for a service centre accumulates all the transactions for whatever period before an invoice is generated.

Selection of items from orders received ensures better automation. Customisable discounts by party/product line enables you to give individual attention to each customer. Outstanding limits and credit periods can be pre-programmed for each party. Previous rates given to the party for the item you are billing now is visible while billing.

  • Different modules for invoice generation depending on the nature of your business
  • Select items for billing from orders on hand as an option
  • Add line items to the Invoice and update subtotal, taxes, adjustments, and grand total amounts automatically
  • Avoid duplicate work by dynamically displaying the Billing & Shipping addresses, and terms & conditions while creating invoices
  • Customize Invoice print layout and manage multiple invoice templates for different product lines
  • Send printer-friendly invoices to customers using inbuilt email service.
  • Track outstanding invoices by party, salesman, region and overdue period
Bangalore computers understands that the needs of each business is different. We have provided deffernet and appropriate invoicing solutions for businesses that are entirely different in nature while giving provision for as many things as possible to be user-customisable for each version.

Your stock updations are taken care of during invoicing. After an invoice is generated, your orders on hand as well as your

  • Create multiple Price groups and Price Lists as per customer segmentation and associate products with the Price Lists
  • Store different discount patterns for customers and automatically offer such discounts while generating invoices for customers
  • Procure products from the preferred list of vendors
  • Monitor purchase rates across vendors
  • Link procurement process to recent sales, orders on hand, orders pending, historical sales etc
  • Track outstanding orders from the Orders list view
  • Procure products from among available Vendors list.
  • Manage up-to-date stock position
  • Create invoice with a single click from the Sales Order
  • Track outstanding quotes from the quotes list view
  • Add new items to the quotes and update all figures automatically
  • Select different prices for the same product as per customer segment
  • Create Sales Quotes and deliver to the prospective customers through inbuilt E-mail option
  • Create Sales Order or Invoice with a mouse click from the Sales Quote
  • Manage sales orders automatically and link it with purchase orders.
  • Customize sales quote formats as per your organization's requirements