Inventory Control

Sales Inventory Control considers all types of transactions:

  • Sales Invoices
  • Purchase bills
  • Sales returns
  • Purchase returns
  • Delivery challans

Maintain multiple stocks by firm, branch & godown. You can also have batchwise stock.

Stock maintenance on a computer is useful only if you use it for your ordering. The MD's Wisecat can ensure that you do not lose orders or customers for fast moving items. Enter the appropriate figures for re-order level, minimal level and maximum level and use them effectively while ordering. Tinker with these numbers as you evolve your business.

Please remember that the cost of keeping slow moving items is many times more than the profits from their sales. Weed them out from your stock so that your money and your shelf space are used more effectively.

Use the enquiries that you get for each item too as an important parameter for ordering & stocking. The MD's Wisecat includes the summary of enquiry also for your ordering decisions.

The MD's WiseCat integrates online inventory management features such as Products, Price Books, Vendors, Sales Quotes, Orders, and Invoices with the Sales related modules such as Leads, Accounts and Enquiries.

With the MD's WiseCat - Inventory Management features you can achieve the seamless integration between pre-sales and post-sales activities in a single application. In addition, you can also procure goods or services from the preferred list of vendors.

Inventory Management Modules

* Products, Price Lists, Vendor lists, Discount rules even partywise
* Sales Quotes
* Order Management (Sales / Purchase Orders)
* Invoice Management

The MD's wisecat is capable of handling all types of inventory transactions and maintain a complete log and a perfect stock of your inventory.
Provide for all types of transactions
  • Delivery challans
  • Invoices
  • Sales returns
  • Purchase returns
  • Damages
  • Breakages
  • Warranty claims
  • Physical stock updates
Stock can be maintained by Godown. Listing options by Product line & Rack helps better control over stock.
The MD's wisecat has an array of reports for inventory control. From detailed lists like the inventory transaction listing and Stock master listing, exceptions like non-moving items to summary reports like stock movement and stock summary for any period, there are reports for every need. A great many fields are used to filter the data for all these reports.
The reports from MD's Wisecat includes:

Inventory transactions
Item master listings
Item labels for master items or for fresh purchases
Items below re-order level
Ordering statement
stock statement
stock ledger
stock summary
non-moving items
Stock movement report