Financial Accounting

The MD's WiseCat empowers you to complete the post-sales activities with an integrated accounts management system.

Select your bills while receiving or paying. Automatically generate narrations. Remember cheque numbers issued. Enter, print, account and maintain post dated cheques-issued or received. Maintains a cheque diary of post dated cheques-both issued and received.

The MD's WiseCat's is one of the simplest and most flexible accounting systems for the small business. Anything that can be automated is automated. Sales bills, purchase bills, credit notes, debit notes etc. generate financial vouchers automatically without even the operator being aware of it. Thus a bill entry will automatically generate the most appropriate narration too for each voucher. The settings that are necessary for these updations are user settable at the time of configuring the software or whenever new events that trigger such needs arise. One such situation is when the tax rules change requiring addition of new tax types. You can add your own head of accounts and link it up with the tax type that has newly come up and the updations from invoicing modules are automatic.

For entering receipts and payments, user definable templates simplify work while making the system more user friendly at the same time. A person without any accounts knowledge can enter all routine financial vouchers. A receipt from a customer can close any set of bill(s) partially or fully from those still outstanding.

Cheques and Vouchers can be printed during voucher entry.