If you are able to sms your address flawlessly, with directions to reach you, to a caller instantly, if a payee gets your bank details within seconds of a request, if you are able to log in to a website with your user id & password and make a payment in a jiffy, people will consider you smart. If the essential data that you need are always at your finger tips, you will be admired for your efficiency.

ALLaboutME provides you the tools to be smarter.

Data about yourself are maintained here. Data about your firms, any number of them, can be saved and used effortlessly. Any number of bank accounts can be stored and used. SMS or email any bit of these data instantly & effortlessly.

Any data that you need often can be stored for instant retrieval and usage. It is extension of your memory. A credit card number of 16 digits or a user id that comprises of a complex set of alphabets, numeric digits and symbols can be retrieved and used by typing 2 to 3 keys.

A clipboard extension to remember the previous 10 data that you used is an add-on feature (limited to text data only)

You don't have to spell your mail id as 'a' for ape, 'b' for buffalo and so on. Send it from your PC or your smartphone with a couple of selections.

You can have a cloud option with an app on your smartphone to access and use all these data on the move, even without a computer.